Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over my pay grade

What? Thought this was supposed to be about Mark Spitz?
Ooops, sorry . . .

Imagine if he weren't born at all.

I thought he would be silent after Michael's good showing at Beijing.

Mark Spitz, winner of 7 swimming golds in one Olympics (1972 Munich Olympics), a record only very recently broken by Michael Phelps, told the New York Daily News that he could have matched fellow swimmer Michael Phelps stride for stride if the two legends swam against each other in their primes.

I believe him. Heck, he may even beat Michael. Of course, in all humility, Mark also says that Michael could even win some more in 2012.

Mark Spitz is still the best -- he who "was a true amateur in a tiny Speedo bikini with a hirsute body to slow him down" against Michael who "is a well-paid, vitamin/electrolyte/magic protein-engorged professional encased in a second-skin cheater's uniform." (from Debbie Schlussel)

He was my idol. So much that I even usurped his name, partly -- when I'd sign up for anything, I'd use Pitz.

That is, until some friends combined my first name and nickname, and started calling me Armpitz.

They can't beat me at swimming so they call me names -- stick and stones ... Just kidding guys!

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