Tuesday, August 26, 2008

They come in 3's

Have you ever heard of the belief that plane crashes come in 3's? I have. The other day, I heard the comment again, after hearing that a plane crashed in Kyrgyzstan. This comes about a week after a plane crashed in Madrid. He asked: what will be the third crash of the "series"?

I believe this is the answer: a Philippine Air Force C-130 plane crashed into the Davao Gulf near Davao City. It is said that this plane was one of at least two C-130's in operation with the PAF.

Keep them in your prayers.

Early in August, I took some photos from my seat after I boarded the PAL Express flight that I took from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu. I took photos of a couple of Hueys, a Bronco OV-10 bomber, and the left wing of a C-130 that was being boarded by probably military types and their dependents or sick people -- nothing unusual really.

Would it have been this C-130? Here's one photo: airman checking the plane's fuel?

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