Friday, July 10, 2009

All boils down to this

USSC Justice Ginsburg's interview in New York Times (The Place of Women on the court) has gotten a lot of hits (flak or praise, either way). Most of her thoughts about Roe v. Wade are not unexpected -- government "has no business making that choice for a woman", and that legalizing abortion was a way of legalizing eugenics.

Of course, pro-choice and pro-aborts (no difference there really, is there?) will protest the eugenics angle, especially since the eugenics that they know is mostly limited to the Nazi-led holocaust of Jews and Israel's war against their Islamic "neighbors". Yep, not abortion, nor euthanasia, nor honor killings, nor healthcare, nor climate change rhetoric (ok, the last one's a stretch, but see).

See also Jill.

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