Friday, July 24, 2009

I don't either

I don't understand how open flouting of Catholic teaching is tolerated at an institution centered on Catholic teaching. More than that, this group is working to undermine Catholic teaching. It seems to me the Church has lost total control of the American Catholic educational system.

Believe me Jill, I don't either. 

But as I have commented many times in the past, in this blog and even among my friends in conversation, many of these "Catholic" institutions that find themselves in these "class" are run or started by the Jesuits.  I finished my undergraduate studies on scholarship in a Jesuit institution, and even then, I had my misgivings.  Pains me more to read about these things happening now, and perhaps, going for worse.

But there are many Catholic institutions in the US and all over the world that have remained faithful to the Magisterium, without watering down the intellectual and academic freedom that universities and institutions of higher learning should have.  Students there are even happier.

I ask again, "What's the matter, SJ?

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