Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting for more

I have been searching for refutations of GMA's SONA and while there are lots of negative reactions, not much refutations in the proper sense. I watched Winnie Monsod on the news last night and she did have one: that the 2M + jobs were not exactly true and in fact 450,000 jobs were lost. This is as well as I can remember. I could not find a clip of that report though. I found something here:
Monsod argued that basing on actual figures from the National Statistics Office, only 2.8 M jobs were created from 2004-2008, a far cry from the promised 1M jobs per year. She added that poverty rose by almost 50%.
The same site also quotes Mayor Binay about the number of poor people, of an increase of 2.7M from 2000-2006. I cannot say this actually refutes what GMA said in the SONA, as figures cited by Binay is not of the same time period as what GMA used:
Bumaba ang bilang ng nagsasabing mahihirap sila, mula 59% sa 47%. Kahit na lumaki ang ating populasyon, nabawasan ng dalawang milyon ang bilang ng mahihirap.
So far, not much refutations really. Reactions abound but many are simply perceptions. Even the CBCP weighed in on the SONA but I feel the reactions were not enough to be considered refutations. Besides the reactions were mostly on GMA's lack of "clear" and "categorical" statement on her "future political plans". I guess for others her political plans will have an effect on the SON. But not much on the more important statements on the economy and education.

Still waiting for more.

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