Friday, December 04, 2009

40,584 tons of hot air

The 12-day Copenhagen meet on climate change will rack up carbon emissions equivalent to Morocco's 2006 emissions. That's according to estimates by the UN itself, and aptly reported here.

Talk about your global warming . . . When an estimated 16,500 delegates, activists and reporters descend upon Copenhagen Monday for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, a lot of hot air will follow.

The U.N. estimates the 12-day conference will create 40,584 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents, roughly the same amount as the carbon emissions of Morocco in 2006.

Those greenhouse gas emissions are comprised of two parts: international travel and local emissions from hotels and transportation venues. Organizers will also reportedly lay 900 kilometers of computer cable and 50,000 square miles of carpet, along with more than 200,000 meals to be served and 200,000 cups of coffee.

And for what really?

It will not produce a concrete agreement on climate change, meaning a universally-accepted international agreement with targets and timetables. It will, however, produce a statement that there’s been a breakthrough even though there will not have been.

For a chance to listen to hear Al again? Ooops, he isn't making that speech. Climategate giving him cold feet or it will just really be cold in Copenhagen?

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