Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sounds like a plan (for the worse?)

I hope that the Philippines's plan to cut emissions is well thought of and not just because of the bandwagon effect.  Even as many say the science is made, there are still a lot of us who believe that AWG is all hot air and that there is still a need to clarify matters. 

In whatever case, the government must assure us that the expenses for emissions cut will not take away funding for whatever Filipinos need the most, and I can say climate change mitigation is not the most important.  I am thinking that the plan is based also on a dreamed-of financial aid from the developed countries.  This is a dangerous assumption. 

I will again also make some noise (hoping to get a toldjah moment in the future) that the plan might also include pandering to the anti-life, population control movement.  Cash for contraceptives and the like. 

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