Thursday, October 13, 2011

When it hits close to home

Actually, it hit home.

Our Mom Elsa is in the hospital.  In the ICU, for unstable angina.  That is not good.  We are prepared to accept that it could be worse when further tests are done. 

Our Dad brought her to the hospital after midnight of the past Saturday because of pains associated with a heart problem and elevated blood pressure.  Later test results were not alarming enough and her doctor let her leave on Monday to rest at home.

Yesterday, at 2am, Mom again felt the same symptoms of 4 days ago, and so Dad brought her to the hospital again.  Her blood pressure was in the 200/100 range.  With sedation and meds, she was improving.  However, at 11:30 last night, she had more severe chest pains and her blood pressure went down to 50.   She was brought to the ICU.

It was good that she was in the hospital when her blood pressure went down really low.  Although, the hospital (Howard Hubbard Memorial Hospital) is really very near where they live.

Earlier today, she was given the sacrament of the anointing of the sick by their dear parish priest.  Her blood pressure is rising, but still in guarded condition.  Maybe well enough to make the trip to the bigger, better equipped General Santos Doctors Hospital in a couple of hours.

I am grateful to all of you praying for her recovery.  Include Dad as well.

Update1:  Mom was transferred to the ICU of the big hospital as I wrote the original post.  We still await official 2d echo results.  It was in fact a heart attack, but may have been milder than we originally feared.  Which is most welcome.  We continue praying, nevertheless, while the dear doctors and nurses do what they do best for her.  The fact that we are far away from them at this time is also, well, bummer.


WillyJ said...

My prayers for your mom's recovery, and strength for your father.

ForzaMillan said...

Thanks much Willy.