Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Am not sure if my reading is correct, but after some reading and then some, I am a bit unsettled about the  Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace's TOWARDS REFORMING THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL AND MONETARY SYSTEMS IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBAL PUBLIC AUTHORITYSure, it gets to read correctly the cause of the financial mess today, y'know, excessive credit due to excessive greed, etc.  

But, as some would say, proposing a solution in the "context of a global public authority", a "global central bank"?  But isn't it that the centralization of governance in the political and financial spheres contributory to the SWAFU?

Is it now succumbing to the concept of One World Government?  Like the Global Warming Alarmists and Population Explosion Doomsayers?  Fair question?

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