Monday, March 23, 2009


Philippine Star reports on a consolidated bill prohibiting mobile phone use (call or SMS, hands-free or otherwise) while driving. It could have come sooner, but this bill, if passed as a law, will never be too late. As early as 2003, a study showed that driving while using the mobile phone is as deadly as drunk-driving. Driver distraction in both cases is about the same. One University of Utah study even suggests that at times, depending on other factors, driving while under the influence of phone* might even be more dangerous than drunk-driving.

While I definitely ever don't drive while using the phone, I have had many experiences when I was being driven and I answered a call on my mobile, I found myself "lost" after hanging up -- I had to ask the driver where we were. I am certain that I would have been more lost if I drove and used the phone at the same time.

I remember my professor in graduate finance class saying that it is not a question of whether we are good drivers (if we truly are) that we can avoid vehicular accidents. What matters is if there is an a**h*** driver (who may be drunk, using his cellphone, etc.) who cannot avoid hitting you.

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