Friday, March 06, 2009

Just can't

Just cannot not link to this op-ed. H/T: Jill

Abortion ascendance
Gary Bauer and Daniel Allott

In August 2008, Health and Human Services Secretary Michael O. Leavitt said a proposed rule would protect medical workers from performing abortions "against their consciences." The Obama administration seeks to rescind or change the ruling.


A philosophical shift has taken place in the abortion rights movement. After confronting either a pro-life president or a pro-life majority in Congress for 26 of the last 28 years, abortion advocates have now secured sympathetic majorities in all three branches of government.

And change in government has brought change to a movement that's moved beyond working to secure a woman's right to choose abortion. Its new goal is much more audacious - to coerce others into violating their consciences and participating in the murder of innocent human life. It's a shift from merely being "pro-choice" to being "pro-abortion."

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