Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scientists or politicians?

Christopher Booker writes this week:
The real disaster hanging over us lies in all those astronomically costly measures proposed by politicians, to meet a crisis which in reality never existed.
And he was not talking about the global financial crisis, although, these measures, if pushed forward with even more "urgency", could make life more miserable.

Miranda Devine chimes in:
It just shows that what counts with climate hysterics is not the greenness of the planet but the brownie points they gain.

Did you hear about the climate meet in New York this past week? No? It figures, especially if MSM only write about a Copenhagen "emergency summit on climate change" this week. Of course, if the future British king said there that we have only 100 months to do something before we see catastrophe. Then again, they always move the day of reckoning. Makes me wonder whether there really is a point of no return.

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