Friday, April 24, 2009

Family affair

Update: One of the Cayetano senators says:
“We won through God’s grace, while they used every advantage they can get to have the Arroyos elected to the House. That’s a big difference."
How presumptuous. If the Senator were in the US, he would have gotten a lot of flak for this statement. In RP, you say this, you get laughed at as well. I think the Senator might be a little ... oh, never mind. features Rise and Rise of the House of Arroyo that states that if Lourdes Arroyo takes her oath as a member of Congress as representative of Ang Kasangga, there will now be 4 Arroyos in Congress. Four out of a (new) total of 271 is only 1.4% of the House.

The 23-member Senate has two Cayetanos, which is 8.7% of the Senate. Isn't that more "dangerous"?

Did we ever write anything about this? I didn't until now. But I don't really care.

I live in Cebu where three Garcias are in power. Does it bother me? Nah, and maybe I don't really care. I don't vote for them. I live in Cebu City.

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