Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strange Justification

This has been around since about a week ago, at least to those who cared at all (except MSM), since I read about it in Dawn's blog. She was there. EWTN had something about it days later.

I postponed commenting about this until now considering my past education. I have had posts about how the SJ in these institutions seem to be very PC, to say the least, in compromising these institutions as Catholic universities or institutions of higher learning following the Catholic university mold. Maybe like ND, they probably do not consider themselves a true Catholic U, or even if they think they still are, they don't act the way they should.

Maybe it is the PC thing, do as you please even as I do not agree because you have the "freedom" to do it and that I would not want to take away your "freedom" to do it by my actions even if I know you ought not. Maybe there really is something more to it than what GU and the WH are saying.

This could be a poor analogy, but I believe that the fact that the One's spouse does not want to see uniformed personnel where she goes (you know like in the movie The Power of One, set in the apartheid-era South Africa, when the wife of Minister Marais at dinner says of the servants "I wish they could be here without being here.") could be a shared trait for the One not wanting to see religious symbols where he speaks.

I dread to ask once again, What's happening, SJ?

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