Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not a true green? posts a feature on Christian Bautista entitled "Christian planning to have lots of kids."

FIVE YEARS after placing fourth in the ABS-CBN talent search “Star in a Million,” singer Christian Bautista still feels like a winner. He’s happy to be performing regularly on TV and doing shows here and abroad.

At the launch of Promil’s I-Shine summer workshop, a program aimed at discovering young talents, Bautista, 27, talked about being the project’s “ambassador.”

“Being an entertainer is a big responsibility,” he told Inquirer at the program launch. “I’d like to be a good example to children. That is how I was brought up, and I thank my parents for that.”

He sees himself starting his own family in three years. “I’d like to have lots of children—but just one wife,” he jested.

That's good. Really. However, Christian is one of those celebrities identified some time back as supportive of climate change programs (of course, those who think that we people are the most to blame for climate change). Below is a portion of the press release of the RP Department of Energy about Earth Hour 2009.

March 6, 2009

Showbiz talents Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Echo Rosales, Bea Alonzo and other big names in the industry have thrown their full support for Earth Hour Philippines 2009, a one hour lights-out event where countries and cities around the world will simultaneously switch off lights to send a symbolic message to leaders for immediate and united action on climate change and energy conservation.

The celebrities have expressed that Earth Hour is an “event where turning off the lights is a major turn-on.” They also urged fans to support Earth Hour by signing up at

Other ABS-CBN talents who will support the lights-out event include Nikki Gil, Ann Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Jake Cuenca, Christian Bautista, Mark Bautista, Rachel Ann Go, Sheryn Regis, Jet Madela, Luis Manzano, Paolo Abrera and Margie Moran-Floreindo. Abrera and the former Ms. Universe are this year’s Earth Hour Ambassadors and they gave their all-out support during the media launch of ...

Does he not know that having more people means increase in carbon emissions, carbon footprints, thus more global warming? Makes me think that he is only for the publicity when he supports climate change programs like this, like many celebs, anyway. He is not a true greenie. Shame on him.

The warming as an effect of population growth theory has been subscribed to by many in the GWA side. Rather simplistic, but they always get around to say it somehow. Even as the industrialized countries with much lesser populations than developing countries at present contribute much more to global warming through the interplay of population levels, consumption factors, and others, the UN believes that developing countries by the mid-21st century will contribute more than half of the total emissions. Those "lots of children" will be contributors.

To arrest the contribution of people to emissions? Of course, family planning and "reproductive health programs" that say one thing -- less is better, Christian.

One might think that the development of alternative energy sources and the like will also help arrest the emissions. It should, no doubt about it. But developing alternative energy programs, etc. is expensive and complicated (food supply shortage, etc.) and will not happen in the near future. Meanwhile the earth is warming and we are in grave danger (right?). Not having children or having less is much easier, in whatever means available.

So, if I may address you, Christian, read. If you want to read something that puts this population and GW link, that I am not making this up, start with this. Just don't blame me if you need to rethink your "goals".

But for what it's worth, find a woman you can have many children with who will contribute to make this world a better place, children who will not believe in junk science after junk science nor cower in fear from the dire warnings of doom that will not come .

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